Having one on one sessions with Cherise was beneficial from the on set. I knew what I wanted to do but she was able to ask questions to further amplify and realise what I was going for as a creative fashion designer. She always made me feel as though I was moving forward. I would leave each session less overwhelmed and more equipped. She was never shy of telling me what wasn’t good or necessary another if anything. 


Her approach is strategy and experience all in one. She is a genuine encourager also. 


Cherise having experience working with high street and high end brands, whilst partaking in global fashion shows makes her nothing close to prideful but humble and willing to share what she knows. I will always refer back to her. 


- Jennifer


Cherise Trimingham has played a major role in helping me build my brand. Starting from scratch and not knowing about the fashion world, Cherise was able to guide me in doing research on what I was trying to achieve, how I was going to achieve my goal, and what actions needed to be done in order for me to reach my expectations.


As I now have some knowledge about fashion, I am now able to understand different aspects of my design and go in depth with my own work. As my brand continues to grow, I will continue working and appreciate Cherise, as she’s always 2 steps ahead of the game.

- Leks