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We can support you from start to finish with your design requirements, whether it be one personal garment or a bulk;

Design process

As a collective we will work together to come up with design ideas that match your needs.

Whether it be for a special occasion or you are creating volumes for retail purposes depending on your needs we can 



- Create concepts

- Research into your concepts/ ideas

- Create mood boards

- Design visual sketches

- Design development

-Create visual content for social media


Production process

This includes

- Creating CAD technical drawings for production

- Finding manufacturers / Seamstresses within your required budget.

- Sourcing the best possible fabric suited to your designs, offering our own ideas and suggestions.




Email us; to provide us with further information of your project and any further questions.


If you also require branding for your company i.e. Website design | Photography | Logo design | plus more


Please Click Here




If you require models or photographers specifically for a photoshoot

Please Click Here

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