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Fashion's new generation lights up St Cuthbert's Church with their energy, ruining the definition of time. 


How is a designer's reputation created? Is that when they take over newspapers with a controversial design? When they receive seductive invitations from giant luxury enterprises? Whether or not luck is included in the hall of fame, we believe that it is the result of a million days spent collecting accolades. On one of those days, The Creative's show featuring eight independent designers and a unique choreography performance took place.


Hydration London drew attention with bustling Latin music. Feathers looked like leading the dance at a street festival. With sequins and short skirts, who can cool down the heat here?


On the contrary, F3LIDAE recreated the atmosphere of the subway area. The designer declared "love is hope" and "fear" arrogantly on flannel shirts and tank tops.


HASHTAG MADE FOR ME portrayed the blooming of life. Colours and flowers are skilfully coordinated. In this sequence, the models walked one after another, creating a unique stripe of colour.


Slayrite brought the focus onto the runway by a summer garden in London. Inspiration from tropical forests pervades the dresses. Slayrite is generous with its shapes and cuts.


Emma Skyum appeared like a hymn that blew our minds into a world of escape. Starting dramatically, the dancers moved as if they had just come alive from an ancient poem, giving energy to the audience. Dance movements that are graceful and sophisticated liberate the body. Here there is a strong desire for love and life.


Champaign or cocktail? Take one for the party girl Syra J. Blazers and flared pants are present in the collection, but they are seem to be more sexy than serious.


Goldana loves women and their gorgeous bodies. All are displayed with bold cut-outs, hugging the curves and romantic features.


Nostalgia and memories are brought back by P3 DESIGNS. The beautiful purple dresses embroidered and embellished with intricate patterns will linger in the eyes of viewers.


Trimingham introduced the "Dimensions" collection which is the definition of trend in the capital of indie culture. The puffer coats and dresses exaggerate the persona of the era, inviting everyone to join in the parade."

Written By - Gerin Nguyen

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